Create Google Shopping Merchant Feeds with One Click

Start selling on Google merchant today with TAGGR - the quickest way to create a Google shopping feed.

Create Google Shopping Merchant Feeds with One Click

No Technical Knowledge Required.

It’s simple. Type in your site address, and our powerful engine will create shopping feeds for Google, Bing, Facebook or Shopify.

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How does TAGGR work?

To create a fully functional shopping feed, just type your URL into the bar above and watch as our powerful API turns your ecommerce website into a ready-to-use Google shopping feed.

Paste the link into your Google Merchant account and choose how regularly you would like your feed updated. It’s that simple.

Take a tour and find out how Taggr builds your Google shopping feed by crawling your site for product pages. It then isolates those pages, extracts the data from those pages and generates a beautiful XML feed to Google’s criteria ready to paste into Google Merchant.

Perhaps you’re an online retailer looking to take it to the next level sell on Google shopping? Or an agency looking to take your clients Adwords campaign to new heights with product listing ads (PLAs)?

Either way, Congratulations! You've arrived! TAGGR lets you generate a Google shopping feed instantly with no developer time and no manual administration in Google Merchant.

TAGGR is absolutely free at the moment as we're still polishing up the user experience, so we would love your feedback if you're that way inclined.

So what are you waiting for? Try TAGGR today for free by joining our Beta. Simply type your URL into the box and let our powerful API build you an instant shopping feed.

Any questions? Get in touch with us!