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‘Purchases on Google’ Shopping Ads Available to iOS Devices

19 December 2017 chloe Leave a comment Taggr

Google has been testing mobile shopping ads on Apple devices recently, having only ever used the quick payment method on Android devices. Having been around since a pilot version was launched in 2015, purchase on Google ads received a beta version in Spring 2017. How it works is simple, the purchases on Google ads allows […]

How to Increase Online Sales Over Christmas

22 November 2017 Ben Leave a comment Taggr

How to Increase Online Sales Over Christmas So it’s Christmas time, bells are ringing, mulled wine is flowing and the streets will be consumed by shoppers scrambling to find the best Christmas present for their loved ones. However, in this modern era we have the joy of the internet, but this still doesn’t make things […]

How Can I Increase My E-Commerce Conversion Rate?

17 October 2017 chloe Leave a comment Taggr

Once you’ve put together your ecommerce site and have published it for the world to see (hopefully setting up a Google Shopping feed in the process), you should constantly be analysing it, figuring out how to better improve your user experience and conversion rate as a whole. Once the traffic is there, you need to […]

How to Optimise Product Listing Ads

30 June 2017 chloe Leave a comment Taggr

In 2013, Google made the transition to a fully paid model for its shopping and image product listings, known as Product Listing Ads. Since this shift,  sellers and advertisers have been scrambling to optimise their products and services for this traffic source. Product Listing Ads now make up a large percentage of AdWords traffic, so […]

Ecommerce site optimisation: 4 Essential Tips

9 January 2017 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

How to Optimise your Ecommerce Site? Whether it’s a small site selling a few hand-crafted garments, or a commerce giant which ships out an array of products to a massive audience worldwide, your site has to be properly optimised for both users and search engines. An ecommerce site which isn’t optimised for the user is […]

Could the Rise of eCommerce be the Demise of Retail?

15 December 2016 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

7 reasons why ecommerce is the new commerce 1. The Rise of Online Shopping Why? More convenience, more choice and less stress. Although online shopping is nothing new, the last 10 years has reported unforeseen exponential growth. The availability of bandwidth, acquisition of smartphones and a generation of digitally-native millennials have made online shopping the […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Google Shopping PLA’s

25 October 2016 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a Google service invented by Craig Nevill-manning. Formerly known as Google Products and Froogle, this service enables users to search and compare products from online shopping sites between multiple vendors Google Shopping is a great way to sell more if you have a physical store, and if you […]

We’ve pivoted. And we’re looking for beta testers.

24 June 2016 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

As a team, we’ve always been passionate about rewriting the rules of online retail. In the past year, we’ve toiled to build a host of tools for retailers and shoppers. We even have a free app for shoppers www.taggr.com/app that enables them to wish-list items from any site, see what their friends are wish-listing and then keep […]

How has social media changed online retailing?

22 May 2016 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

For many shoppers, social media is now a primary driver. In a recent global sampling by PwC, 78% of shoppers said that their shopping habits were influenced by social media (up from 68% is 2015). Consumer views matter now more than ever, and their propensity to share online is constantly growing. As is traffic from […]