5 Reasons Your Business Needs Google Shopping PLA’s

25 October 2016 Omar Budeiri Leave a comment Taggr

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a Google service invented by Craig Nevill-manning. Formerly known as Google Products and Froogle, this service enables users to search and compare products from online shopping sites between multiple vendors
Google Shopping is a great way to sell more if you have a physical store, and if you already sell online, it’s a great way to expand your online reach. Here are 5 reasons why it’s time to add Merchant Center and AdWords to your box of sales tools and start creating Google Shopping campaigns right now!

Want to Get Started?

Just upload your inventory into Merchant Center by creating a shopping feed, create a shopping campaign in AdWords, and there you go! Your products are online, in a format that shows shoppers exactly what they’re looking for.

Why should you start selling through Google Shopping?


1. Google Merchant opens your sales floor up to Google’s shopping search engine.

Not to mention other sites through adwords retargeting, and even in-app for mobile shoppers. Setting up a Google Merchant account is free. All a seller has to do is set up a gmail account, and then sign into Google Merchant Centre to complete, configure, and verify. Once this has been done,  and site ownership has been established, you can begin preparing your products for submission.


2. You only pay when someone clicks on to your site.

Google Merchant can help you get big results on a small budget. That’s right. No risky capital outlay here. You only pay when someone clicks through to your product page. Ever wondered what your exact cost per sale was? You’re now one step closer to answering that question.


3. Reaching customers that love your products as much as you do is a win/win.

Whatever you sell, whether it’s rubber-boots, boxes of macaroons, or crockery, someone out there is searching for what you’re selling, and a successful Google Shopping campaign helps them find your products, and ultimately make that purchase. Think of it as a matchmaker service between your products and a sea of customers waiting to buy. Setting up a Google merchant account lets you, the merchant, make the most of Google’s powerful global search engine. Your product inventory data can then be used for many things, including sponsored search results, shopping results and PPC advertising.


4. It’s never been easier to keep and maintain an up-to-date product feed and inventory.

Updating inventory is tedious. Creating an effective product feed for your site takes real technical expertise. Now, however, there are a host of tools out there that help you generate and maintain an up-to-date feed with no fuss. Both Shopify and Magento have plugins (for shopify and magento users) priced at around $50, or for all other sites, there’s TAGGR which crawls, scrapes and sorts your feed into a tidy xml for you to paste into Google Merchant. It even sets delivery price and informs the customer of colour and size variants.


5. Prioritise spend based on which products you wish to sell.

In a physical store, or even a website, getting rid of stock means repositioning, bringing to the fore, or even (heaven forbid) dropping your prices. This isn’t necessarily the case with Adwords. If you have excess product that you need to shift, you can create a bespoke campaign with specific search terms for those products, maximising the chances of bringing them within eyeshot of the customer and maximising sales in a specifically targeted way.


I suppose the question we really should be asking ourselves here is ‘Why would you not get on Google shopping?’ Well… Why not?

If you’d like more information on how we can help you get on on Google Shopping today, just get in touch!


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