How to Increase Online Sales Over Christmas

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How to Increase Online Sales Over Christmas

So it’s Christmas time, bells are ringing, mulled wine is flowing and the streets will be consumed by shoppers scrambling to find the best Christmas present for their loved ones. However, in this modern era we have the joy of the internet, but this still doesn’t make things any simpler. With Google searches throwing up so many results that we can’t even fathom, making sure that you have the correct e-commerce strategy in place is vital to ensuring your online sales over the festive period are on the increase.


Is Your Website up to Scratch?

Having a poorly built website can hamper your business, not just during the Christmas period. Having poor content, bad hubpages and messy interlinks will make people look elsewhere, as they want convenience when they shop. Nowadays people can often buy what you are selling in other places, so making sure your site is better than people’s typical expectations is important to ensure a sale goes through, and also that they return to shop.
Page speed is also key, your website may be amazing, but if it takes ages to load you are not going to have very happy visitors. Small things from your server location, to your sites’ image sizes can drastically affect page load time on your site, and turn potential customers away.


google my business


Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to display the key information about your business on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when searched for directly. This is probably the most vital citation tool around, as it allows you to place important information directly in sight of any potential customers, without them having to go on the site and find it themselves. You can have whatever you want here, but for e-commerce, showing discounts, sales and high-yielding product pages would benefit you most.


Enhance Your SEO

You should have good SEO in place if you want to even appear on people’s SERPs. Having a high organic position through search engines has a dramatic effect on traffic, and can lead to a huge increase in sales. You can outsource your SEO to specialised agencies, or check out SEO quick wins for ecommerce sites.


Google Merchant Centre

Google Merchant Centre is a must have for any e-commerce site. It allows you to upload all of your online and in-store products so that they appear in Google Shopping, as well as other Google services, even on SERPs. A Google product feed will need to be created, which often can be quite a complicated process without much technical knowledge. Luckily that is what we do, so click here to find out more about how we can help you with Google Merchant Centre, increasing your e-commerce opportunities. Alternatively, you can look at 5 steps to creating the ultimate shopping feed in Google Merchant.


Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be a great way to engage previous customers with deals and offers you may have on this Christmas. With a whole host of events always taking place at this time of the year, it’s good to show up in people’s inboxes and refresh brand awareness as they may be unaware or have forgotten that they once shopped with you.

These can be pretty simple to set up, with most of the work going into working out what you are going to put in the email. You just need to make sure that you pull a verified email list from your database, send it out with the correct software and wait for the traffic to come in. You can monitor the links back using Google Analytics, you just need to set up a campaign.


Digital Catalogues & Guides

This kind of content works well from an SEO perspective, but also from a user perspective. You will be able to place products that offer you a high yield or you have higher stock for in the content, putting the idea in your customers heads more, signifying the product as something they will want to buy.

Here are just a few tips on how you can increase your online sales over Christmas. If you’d like some help to start selling on Google, contact our team today!

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