‘Purchases on Google’ Shopping Ads Available to iOS Devices

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Google has been testing mobile shopping ads on Apple devices recently, having only ever used the quick payment method on Android devices.

Having been around since a pilot version was launched in 2015, purchase on Google ads received a beta version in Spring 2017. How it works is simple, the purchases on Google ads allows the public to buy items that a displayed in Google Shopping ads, as far as the landing pages are Google hosted. Consumers that have payments set up through their Google accounts benefit the most from this. Now it appears Google is trialling this same method on iOS devices too, starting in the US.

Purchase on Google with Easy Checkout

purchase on google adsAs you can see from the image to the left, purchases on Google are now available on iOS, with the product on the UGG website being slugged with ‘Easy Checkout’.

It was first planned by Google for purchases on Google would become available on iOS just a few months after it’s launch on Android in 2015, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, with 2018 just around the corner. However with the release of the beta version in Spring, it was to be predicted that the iOS version would be coming soon after. It still is not clear when this launched, but it is something to pay close attention to over the coming months.

‘Easy checkout’ is a new addition to what we had seen before however, with ‘Buy on Google’ being displayed before, so we can expect some changes and testing to continue in this area in 2018.


However, it remains quite difficult to find purchases on Google ads due to other versions of shopping ads being available, such as showcase ads and ads in knowledge panels. What this does show though is Google’s push to improve mobile, such as their work with AMP enabled landing pages.


As well as this, the quick view options on the ads offers more information to consumers, without them having to actually go through to the websites products are listed on. You get a larger image being displayed on your phone, as well as a product description and customer reviews and ratings. However this function also appears to be limited, with the option not being on many products on Google ads.

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