Creating your Product Merchant Feed with TAGGR - FAQs

People like to ask us stuff because we're cool. If you're shy, then why not take a look at our FAQs first?

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Is there an eligibility criteria to use TAGGR?

Well. Sort of. You need to own, or manage an Ecommerce website and want to sell on Google shopping. Adwords experience would be a bonus, but isn't required. You also need a computer. And the Internet. And you need to be human.

Do I need a developer to implement TAGGR?

No. You don’t even need to be technical per se. All you need to do is fill in your details and choose which package you would like to use. Our portal is simple and easy to navigate. Our sales guys can use it, and they can’t even use an abacus.

What alternatives are there to using TAGGR?

You can create your own feeds by hiring an experienced developer to do the work for you. You can also use similar data extraction services, but this may involve much more data inputting and lack of a simple URL for data submission to your merchant account.

What information do I need to use TAGGR?

In order to use TAGGR, you will need to submit your name, email address, billing details and the root URL of your E-Commerce site.

How frequently does TAGGR re-crawl my site?

Our basic package allows you to crawl manually as and when you require. Our more premium packages will crawl your site twice a day to check for changes and update your feed automatically.

Can I get an XML feed instead of an instant submission URL?

Yes. You can. After performing your crawl, just click ‘export as xml’ on your TAGGR dashboard. You can then use the xml feed to do whatever you wish.

How do I submit my feed to Google Merchant, Shopify, Bing or Facebook?

TAGGR provides you with a simple URL that you can paste into the relevant box in your merchant account. Just paste in the URL and let the API do all the work.

Why do I need TAGGR?

In order to sell on Google Merchant, Shopify, Bing or Facebook a shopping feed needs to be created. TAGGR creates that feed instantly with no hassle and no fuss.

Can i downgrade my plan?

You can. Although please be aware that the functionality may change as a result. If you wish to downgrade your plan, we recommend that you have a little chat with us first.

Is there a fixed-term?

One-month. That's it. Cancel whenever you like, but be sure to tell us why. We really value your feedback.

How will my payment be taken?

Your payment will be taken monthly via PayPal. If you have an issue with this or don't have a PayPal account, feel free to call us up and we'd be happy to get you set up as best we can.

Can I change my plan?

Sure. We know that businesses change, and their requirements along with them. We're always happy to change your plan.