Start Selling Products Online with TAGGR

With no developer time, no third-party expertise required, and minimal cost. How does TAGGR work?

Start Selling Products Online with TAGGR

What is TAGGR?

TAGGR is the quickest way for you to start selling your products online via Google Shopping ads. Step one is to set up a Google merchant account and a Google Adwords account, and then link these with one another. Using Google Merchant and Google Adwords are widely recognised as the quickest and most effective combination of tools to get your products noticed and start selling online to increase your revenue from e-commerce. Here are 5 reasons your business needs Google Product Listing Ads!


The TAGGR Engine

Crawls your site for product pages using our unique algorithm

Extrapolates data from your product pages with our advanced scraping tool

Shows your data and submits as product listing ads, or in xml format if you prefer

To sell on Google Merchant, you will need a Google product feed. This is what we do here at TAGGR. Once you’ve setup your Google Merchant account, type your URL into the demo bar on our homepage to find out whether our algorithm can produce a feed for you.

If we can produce a viable Google product feed for you, you will get to view a mini-feed on our site, typically 12 products that you sell on your ecommerce website. You then get the opportunity to choose one of our subscription packages.

Once your feed is ready, you will be given the option of exporting directly into Google Merchant, or saving as an xml file to use as you see fit. It is your data, after all. We will then give you an URL for your feed, that you can paste into your Google Merchant account.

Your Google Merchant account enables you to update your feed manually whenever you choose. You can also schedule a daily, weekly or monthly fetch depending on how often you wish to update your range of online products, or change your pricing.

TAGGR prides itself on being the single quickest and most efficient way to create your Google Merchant product feed. If you disagree with us, have trouble implementing your feed or for some reason are unable to use the product, get in touch with us and we will gladly give you a full 100% refund and even give you some pointers on how to address the issue and generate a feed from an alternative source.

You don't have to be a developer to use Taggr

All you need to do is download the Taggr app, type in your main site address, wait for the crawl to complete, then choose how you would like your product feed presented. It's that simple.


Ready to start selling on Google?

We're always finding ways to make online retail more of a breeze. If you would like to start selling your products/services on Google effortlessly and start increasing your revenue, you are in the right place.